What is internet marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is “very simple” Bringing traffic to landing pages while making optimization process until reaching positive ROI

The internet marketing person / team are not stand alone function they have to have the full support from the development\marketing\ graphic designer function in the company.


You can get traffic to your web site in various methods

SEO – you can build on organic traffic. Well I am quite sure, that if you will spend $2000 for a month with good agency after six to 12 months you will get some organic  traffic ” mostly from “long tails terms”.

In order to get organic search teffic you need content you can creat this contnet by yourself or give platform that let users spread their content  Seo challenges . first you need to spend a lot of money at the beginning in order to build the basic level of users. the second problem is that you if you build your business on SEO , right now you have another Partner and very unstable partner this is Google, one day Google can  find you site  not answering one of the rules they will make at the next 5 years and you site is banned from the search results. As an example before 2 weeks Google decide to hide all organic search results from Google analytics since she wants more privacy to the user or some kind of bulshit that they announced and within a week all the organic search results despaired from analytics  .


Mailing can be a good method to find authors . I have started to use this way but never had the chance to make it as a process .

The mailing can be done manually, scraping addresses for relevant authors and sending them the right offers, targeting them to landing page like the one we had started to work on.

As I wrote before sending mail is a Profession you can’t send only one mail and you can’t have only  one landing page this is not how this business work. in order to get a positive ROI. you should segment your audience , and make split test , testing you titles copy and landing page. If you are not willing to do it you wouldn’t succeed.

There is another way to do mailing you can make a joint venture with one of the mail masters you can find them in affiliate sites and so on. They will want up to 80% of your earning  but they can teach you everything about product launch.


Viral – this kind of traffic come with good pray to god and some straight  connection to the sky no one can tell you what makes things viral over the last 20 years I had only one success story (I am still trying )



If you need traffic in real time and to make optimization process in reasonable “time to market you can’t  escape from media buying .

My advice to you is to use media buying as your main strategy. In order to succeed in this campaign you will need to define budget and to plan the campaign very well. This campaign can be made in Guerilla budget you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in order getting  positive ROI. The authors campaign should include basic introduction and a lot of retargeting adds that will encourage the author to close the deal. This  campaign should include A/b testing of all the components I wrote before copy + add copy+ landing page with a lot of split test

When I am writing  about media buying there are a lot of places to buy media . Bing for example gave me at the last months much better ROI then Google, there are lot of second tier networks that you can buy media  much chipper. This  is only the beginning we never tried  CPV or PPV OR  banner advertising all those methods should and can bring positive ROI traffic after the right optimization process


Affiliate marketing

You can bring traffic to your web site by affiliate marketing

You can participate in the big 4 affiliate web sites and offer affiliates bring traffic in some model CPA or CPS . If you sell consent or digital product then affiliate markting   is a goofd solution  a the only thing that you will need is to embed a suitable affiliate system into the web site. after some tuning and if you will get some affiliates to you websites and if you will find this as Profitable way to your digital product or service then cones the stage that you can  launch an affiliate program at one of the affiliates networks  as I wrote before handling affiliate is full time job you have to build and incentive plan you have to make a milestone plan that you send them mails and encourage them to sell your products. There are thousands of companies  trying to grab affiliate attention each one handles and account manager that  are giving the affiliate different tools to help him in his mission. If you read the articles that affiliate marketing is dead As you quote last night  you have to understand that i am at this business from 1996 the industry change it face every day.

the big affiliates are making money you never had :). there are giant companies over there doing only affiliate marketing ( Lottery, Bingo, green cards, etc)


Some Google tools that you probably don’t know

Google Correlate


I don’t understand how i didn’t know this tool until today. This tool is a must have for any e-marketer

This tool allows you to look for search terms over time also you can plot a search graph over time and he will tell you which terms are fitting to this search patterns

Here is a short video explaining how to use this tool



Google Think Insights



Well i think the best way to describe this site is like an magazine or encyclopedia on internet marketing

A lot of issues regarding internet marketing such as

  • The Engagement Project: The VICE Guide to Engagement
  • Real Beauty Shines Through: Dove Wins Titanium Grand Prix, 163 Million Views on YouTube

And many oters

Google Public Data Explorer

Some statistics that can be  relevant for any marketer




Find stuff to do - Schemer

I just started to look at this toll but it seems like the perfect tool to waste hours over

Actualy i think this is the future of enterteiment

Google Keep

The perfect tool manger on your Google drive



Hot searches date 09-03-2013

Here is the list of hot search terms in Twitter  USA for today

Here is the list of hot search terms in Google USA for today

  1. Don Jon
  2. Charlie Hunnam
  3. Diana Nyad
  4. Tommy Morriso
  5. James Franco
  6. Labor Day
  7. Ozil
  9. Gareth Bale
  10. Roger Federer
  11. Jameis Winston

The most viewed youtube movies for today

  1. Miley Cyrus TWERKING 2013 VMA’s W/ Juicy J!! Juicy J!!
  2. Let Miley Cyrus Twerk !!!
  4. LANA PRINCE – report Love Ball Natalia Vodyanova FASHION F
  5. The Human Face of God


What is Training?

Contrary to common belief, successful training is no easy task. Think about it – in order to train someone to perform a new skill or task, it is not enough to show, or to demonstrate. Successful training is built layer upon layer, and only the correct application of these layers gives a learner the confidence and knowledge to perform the new skill on his own, without the teacher by his side.


So, what is the correct way to train?


First, explain: Describe the rationale. Talk about the different possibilities. If training towards operating a machine or gadget – talk about the different parts. Get across all the knowledge that you possess. Show what you talk about – images, diagrams, animations – whatever helps the learner to understand.


Demonstrate: Show how you perform the task. Show again, from a different angle. Where the details are important – go for a close-up. Once again, talk while you do, and explain the reasons for doing something one way and not the other.


Let the learner try for himself: Create a set of drills or exercises. They should be incremental in scale and difficulty – first, break down the task into short segments and get the learner to perform each one separately. Once the learner masters this level, move on to an exercise that combines two segments, and so on. The exercises are the most important part of training – an d this is where most online or video-based courses fail, as they are very good at explaining and demonstrating, but are not there, by the learner’s side, to encourage and motivate him to try out the tasks by himself and to make sure the exercises are performed properly. This is why the next step is needed:


Be there for the learner: No two learners are alike. Each one comes with a different level of previous knowledge. Different speed of learning. Not all are native English speakers. The way to overcome this diversity, is to be accessible for questions. Remember – if a question arises, it is often because you did not explain fully in the first place – and, if the same question is repeated again and again, it’s a good indication that maybe the course contents need to modified accordingly.


If these stages are done properly, the learner at this stage should have enough confidence to go out and try by himself. Note: this is an inseparable part of training, and it is a difficult one to control, as it is completely out of the hands of the teacher. It is only by trying, again and again, perhaps also failing along the way, that the learner truly acquires the knowledge and wisdom needed to master a new skill for the long term.


sonographer training

By: Abigail Batchelder

Well this is the second step at the key word lab for today one of the words that i found in he process described here was sonographer training i don’t have the slightest idea what is this term stand for, so i start searching

Well this term connected to Radiographer according to the article at the Uk most of the Radiographer  are employed at the NHS and it responsible  sonographey training .

As part of the sonographer training  you are trained at:

  • X-ray 
  • CT 
  • MRI 
  • Ultrasound – 
  • Angiography 

Here is a movie describing part of the training


We are looking for authors pleas contact us

How to swim freestyle

Well i love to swim actually i have learned how to freestyle swim only when i was 42 years old. I specially like to swim in the sea . some moments  when you are deep in the see and the water are crystal clear so you can see 10 meters and more are burned in my mind

Here are some movies that will help you learn How to swim freestyle, improve your Freestyle  swimming technique

Freestyle swimming  training steps

1.learn how to improve you’ll stroke technique

Have the front of the stroke gently place you’ll hand into the water entering with your fingertips first fuel pump should face the bottom of the pool with your wrist slightly higher than your fingertips and your elbow higher than your wrist….

2. Freestyle Breathing technique

Good breathing technique delivers for better swimming since  your muscles and helps you swim more comfortably and efficiently the more efficient you’re breathing technique the less impact it has a new a stroke……

3. Free style Body Positioning

The correct body position allow you to become more streamlined improving you swimming technique as a fish  in the water….

4. Free style Kicking

The stronger your legs the more proportion you will it achieve increase swim speed
keep your foot relaxed and extended your ankle allowing it to flex slightly while pointing your toes with a fairly straight legged position bend your knees slightly as you photo moves towards the surface …..

Six golden rules for goals achievement

In Life we ​​tend to set goals and achieve them, especially in Western culture “achievement.” We want to get rich, get stronger, look as good, be the best and so on.
Whether you are a direct effect of Western education, technological development, or blame others, we find ourselves in an eternal race towards achieving our goals.
Most people remain medium, remain in their own bubble, working their own hours and manage simple life. There is nothing wrong in ordinary life, there is nothing wrong with mediocrity if we chose to be medium. More personal note, I have a problem with the medium, I can not stand it. Think about the simple structure of life, a family and a home to work and finish some retired life seems like a hallucination not out of the question.

Most of my life I spend in the process of overcoming my growing myself, and my goal to create the best version of myself. If you also fire burning, there is a fire you too, if you have an insatiable hunger that can not be mediocre work or normal life, I have some tips for you how you can achieve all your goals if this fire do you rise the right direction.

First. Self-discipline through the body

One of the most important things to learn at an early age that self-discipline through the body, it means can be a way in which we eat, or control what we eat, as well as strenuous exercise whether at the gym or running, martial arts or any exercise which forces us out of our comfort zone.

True meaning of self-discipline through the body, is to create a routine or a method of working over time, such that persist even when they want it, even when it is difficult and want to give up. By overcoming those moments of weakness, by overcoming those other emotional whims energy we create ourselves, we create a structure within which we can channel our fire effectively.

Life itself would mean that we could build things and we will have the patience, focus and maturity to know that this long-term process that can take even years, and build the future out of control and out of “quick fix”.

Two. Give up comfort

One of the symbols of mediocrity Bank is the hope or consolation. When we have high hopes on something or take comfort in something, we actually give our inner energy to something outside our control, instead of understanding that we save ourselves, we must act as if our lives in our hands, we throw this responsibility on something external.
Something that may be outside of God, we have adopted a saying, a person close to us, or any other emotional symbol, from food to unhealthy relationships.

Hopefully we can, hoping it would be okay, hopefully nothing will happen, hope for the best, hope someone close to us will stay, comforted instead of two, to make do, take comfort in the suffering of others, and so on – all these sacrifices actions constitute a significant obstacle in the construction process of each program . Strong person is something hopeful, but performs the process on its side the best as far as understanding as he breaks and runs through any obstacle or difficulty is knowing the big picture is important, the great purpose for which this process began really important thing.

The day we give up comfort, we understand that power is in our hands, we will be free and invincible. Understand that we are alone in the world and our total control of our lives is a process in itself, it is recommended to start at an early age.

Three. Stay true to yourself

There is a fundamental difference between the internal mutual stubbornness, tenacity is a negative trait where a person insists on something of bigotry or inability to accommodate more complex concepts.

Internal loyalty however, is the ability to take any one of only what is right for you. You can also learn Omashonaye like best teachers, without judgment. Such a move challenging because most of us encounter in our own ego, and it is difficult for us to give up our perceptions and to put one’s perceptions before us as the truth.

You can do it easily if you know who you are, and not forget your route is in your hands only, and no sound other than your own inner voice. By such internal loyalty will go through all the knowledge, and nothing “will stick to you”, you take only what is right for you, it will never force you can feel something, or you are attacked by something.

Internal flexibility such an integral part of achieving goals that often the reality does not match your plan and you will need to adjust it at any given moment, ie adjust the yourselves. Discrepancy between the reality around you who you are is what creates “suffering” and negative life experience, stay true to yourself and you can adjust to reality and always available inner perfection.

Four. Learn as much as many sources

One of the things that no one tells you is that if you want to succeed you need to learn as much as possible, as opposed to academic studies that do not give you anything but information rehashed you can spit on the page and get a score, learn its meaning to the theoretical material in your field and experiment with, to try to create new structures to draw conclusions News and produce a personal learning process that will build you as stronger.
Learning is a process of implementation of knowledge into life yourself as behavior, learning is only theoretical and not relevant page and degenerate your brain and your mind, you quickly flip parrots who ejaculate content you’ve read the book, without really meet it within you. Take everything you have learned and you perform this integration into life itself and do not leave this theoretical knowledge, learning is a direct experience of the thing itself, meeting directly without a buffer.

Five. Action while on the move – do not get stuck mental loop

It may the most important tip, medium begins to appear when starting to think too many, no problem to design functional steps your future, you can not start building anything without proper planning.

The problem starts when stuck in the planning stage of the concerns, fears or doubts that “maybe this is not the real thing for me,” “Maybe that’s not what I want to do,” “I may not be good at it or not enjoy it” and so on. The trick here is that you can never know if something you’re good to not do it, you do not have how to know if it will be your professional love until you do it and you do not have how to learn the real thing if you do not do it.

Only from a direct encounter with the Word you will know how you inside, is it for you or not, it is important to think and plan purely functional – taken as an herbal priorities list which specify what came before what, what may be an obstacle and how to overcome it, what is the big plan and what steps to realize it. Thoughts that involve emotions, fears, concerns, and so on left side.

Six. Forbearance of running a marathon and not a “quick fix”

It is important to know that the process of construction, especially when it comes to your professional success, body building, or purpose, is long and demanding in time and energy. When you know in advance that this long-term process you can plan your energy and your investment forward and give up their dreams and hopes that it will just happen, you will find something to release you at once or get rich in an instant, thoughts and these illusions are keeping you achieve your success and keep you to know The real power is in what you and your investment. As you become more focused, more determined, more powerful over time so that your results will be accordingly. Do not forget to rejoice in the way, though success requires you to 100% power 100% of the time, but do not forget to enjoy the road.

New website for Naveh Milo – Recycled Jewelry – upcycled bags and home Decor

We just launched a new website for upcyclingbymilo.com.

Naveh Milo is a designer of recycled products he make Jewelry hats bags and home decor  from recycled matirials

Naveh live most of the time in Bali Indonesia were he has a studio that manufacture the products

The materials that Naveh  uses in his products are – Magazine paperers , advertising billboard, Candy wrappers and more

Here are some of his favorite products


Earrings paper dome 2 side Necklace paper dome closeup



Recycled taxi bag by naveh milo

Corporate identity case study for the Wahl corporation

I found this case study while searching Google and it shows very clearly the goals and scope of work for “Marcom -Corporate identity project


WAHL Clipper Corporation is very renowned company that manufactures the hair clippers. In fact, this traditional company manufactures largest amount of electric hair clippers. It was founded in 1919. The aim of the company is to produce the best product for their customers. Wahl comes up with wide range of products for their consumers including both professionals and non professionals. They also creates animal product. Let us know what is included is WAHL’s portfolio.

  • Professional Range for Hair Stylists
  • Consumer Range for home use
  • Animal Range for house pets.

Professional Range:

WAHL Professional range will make the work for the professionals easier. Now they can give the good service within a short time to their customers.

Consumer Range:

This product will allow the people to have their hair cut at home. So, there is no need to go to the barber shop every other day. It is going to save both your money and time!

Animal Range:

If you have pets in your home then you must have this animal range for trimming and cutting animal hair.

Situation and Targets:

WAHL was looking an opportunity of entering into the market of India. Here, Phillip was in lead and well placed. WAHL wanted to take that place and lead in the market. WAHL came up with wide range of products with many options for low ended consumers.

To reach this ambitious target there is requirement of integrated approach.

Target Groups:

  • Professional Hair Dressers
  • Home Users
  • Pet Owners


WAHL has been positioned with high ambition of satisfying the consumers. The leading global companies will come to India for this product. So, there need to be maintained different communication strategies so that they can be convinced with all the three products.


Strategic and Creative Accountability:

All the target groups are too large to accommodate in one group. So, there are sub divided into different groups. Communication spam and events in B2B and B2C segments has been distributed to the target groups. The communication events can be printed.

We created an Indian Stylist Team where all the Indian top hair stylists have been included. After that, training session in all around the India has been organized. The aim of these sessions was to attract the hair stylists to the Professional Range Hair Stylists.

This brand was promoted to all the social networking sites.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wahlindia
  • http://twitter.com/#!/wahlindia
  • http://www.linkedin.com/groups/WAHLINDIA

Video application was created for the promotions in Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. In order to giving gifts and sales in exhibition merchandise was created. Store branding and promotional stalls were also developed for mall activity.

WAHL has successfully satisfied its customers. Each of the products comes with significant features. Sometimes there are special offers available. WAHL will allow you to have your desired style.

In today’s competitive market WAHL has come up with strong features and options. All kinds of steps to make the product recognized have been taken. After using the product, customers are also happy. That’s why, now it is the largest manufactures of the hair clippers.

For the Original case study